British Dragon what is it?

British Dragon what is it?

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There are two companies under the name “British Dragon”, one of them is located in Thailand and the other in China, so many confuse them with each other. The Thai company British Dragon Pharmaceuticals was founded in 1999 and the Chinese British Dragon Pharmaceuticals LTD in 2005.

Both companies are engaged in the production of medicines, which differ from each other in packaging design, type of packaging and dosage. You can order steroid preparations and multi-vitamin complexes from the manufacturer British dragon by visiting the website of our store

The order is accepted by phone or through the online order form.

And now a little history about company

The Thai company was founded by Livingstone and Crowley, who supplied goods to the European market. The specific labeling on the packaging indicated which particular European market the goods were manufactured for, Eastern or Western. At the same time, all medicines were made exclusively to order and did not have a license.

Preparations from “British dragon” quickly gained popularity, so their illegal production gradually became unreasonable. Therefore, starting in 2004, the company began to gradually invest the proceeds from the sale of medicines in the development of its business.

Over the next few years, the company gained such popularity that it attracted the attention of the then government of the United States, which in 2006 issued an arrest warrant for the founders of the company. After the founders were arrested in 2007, the company collapsed. In 2008, the manufacturer again declared itself, but who is the owner of British Dragon today is unknown.

The new owners claim that their company has nothing to do with its predecessor, however, despite the changed packaging design, the composition of the drugs and the dosage have not changed, which is very suspicious. Today the British Dragon company is engaged in the production of steroids with various anabolic and androgenic properties, based on active ingredients previously used by the old manufacturer.

Quality Original medicines from “British Dragon” have always been of excellent quality, which has been systematically confirmed by laboratory tests. In some cases, it happened that the amount of the active ingredient was slightly higher than the originally declared amount. This was due to the fact that the supply of raw materials was carried out from China, while special attention was paid to quality, it should not contain any additional impurities.

But as often happens, the more successful a company is, the more often its goods are counterfeited, therefore, counterfeits began to appear more and more often on the market.

The company developed special holograms that it put on the packaging of goods, but they quickly learned to counterfeit them. Later, British Dragon began to protect its goods with original bottle caps, but buyers did not pay attention to them. Today the company has developed a new protection that 100% protects goods from counterfeiting

Each drug is equipped with a special holographic sticker, under which there is a code, which must be entered in a special column on the manufacturer’s website to verify originality. Numerous reviews left by buyers about the drugs from British Dragon indicate that the manufacturer was able to protect his goods, now everything depends on the buyers themselves, whether to check the purchased medicines or not.

You can buy steroids from British dragon here on the website, all the presented goods have a quality certificate and are supplied directly from the manufacturer, so the purchase of a non-licensed product from us is excluded.