Engagement ring design: with and without stones

Engagement ring design: with and without stones

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Though classics remain a win-win option, more and more newlyweds are opting for unconventional design. Stereotypes recede into the background and traditional smooth ring gives way to products with an original pattern and bright incrustation. A modern engagement ring is a mix of classic and extravagant modern. The ring can combine different stones, colors and textures.

Popular in the design are the following variants of inlay: over the whole surface, in symmetric rows, including the side of the ring. All sorts of gems (sapphires, topaz, emeralds, cubic zirconia) and even such materials as enamel and Murano glass can be seen in the yellow/red gold. In addition to stones, the emphasis is on the texture of the product. Along with the classic smoothness, more daring variations with metal texture are also possible: carving, matting, graining.

Beautiful serving

A beautiful serving of engagement rings vancouver is an essential attribute of the wedding photo session and ceremony in general. Themed pads, boxes, plates, chests, baskets will accentuate the sophistication of the engagement rings and the style of the celebration. They can be personalized with the newlyweds initials, wedding date or romantic phrases.

The tradition of presenting rings with additional accessories has ancient roots. It was thought that wedding rings have a special energy and only newlyweds could touch them. Today the trend is for fresh flowers and fruits both pure and in compositions for serving the rings. In the manufacture of Eco-cushions are used wood bark, flower petals and other natural materials.

How to properly care for wedding rings

To keep a wedding ring in its original state as long as possible, you need to properly care for it. Gold is more durable to wear, but that does not negate the need for periodic cleaning. Sleek rings are easy to clean at home:

  • Wash the item with a soft toothbrush in 200 ml of soapy water, adding 6 drops of ammonia to it;
  • If tarnishing of the metal due to constant contact with water, rub the ring thoroughly with a piece of chamois or velvet;
  • Silver rings are best brushed with a liquid soap and soda solution.

Wedding rings with stones should not be exposed to sudden temperature changes or extreme humidity. Do not leave the items for a long time in the bathtub or other damp places.