How to get skins in CS:GO

How to get skins in CS:GO

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Everyone wants to look beautiful and unique. Differentiate themselves from others. Therefore, the course go skins. However, in contrast to many other games, almost all skins in CS:GO cost a gigantic sum.

This has been the case since 2013, when it first became possible to customize the character. The game’s creator made about four billion on this, and his inspired followers immediately rushed to make their skins. Often they turned out strange or pretentious, but since an amateur skin is a masterpiece, these crafts were quite popular, often for a lot of money.

However, it is unlikely that now all the players want to throw away 500-600 dollars for a knife, so here are all the possible ways to get a free skin. Also, if you’re interested in a variety of popular skins, you can follow this link. Here you can get access to the most interesting options. These kinds of sites will help you find a lot of possibilities, so start putting everything into practice, so that in the long run you have access to the best tools.

How to get skins?

The most basic way – is to stay in the game as long as possible. The system is sharpened so that the amount of loot directly depends on the time spent in the game. Therefore, the best free drop is waiting for you at the beginning of the reference period. Do not forget that the red (secret) class skins can not get for free. Such skins lie only in chests, which you get as a drop. But, without a key worth 2-3 dollars on Steam, you will not open the case. Also, if you do buy a key, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get exactly what you want. Its majesty Random, however. More likely, you will get a random item, which after opening it will be in your inventory.

Let’s move on to the second method. This, of course, all familiar and bored with advertising, roulette lotteries. Sometimes, this is the solution, but it is important to note that such sites are unstable. Many players note that servers often give an error, and with the withdrawal of skins on Steam-account there are problems. Another problem: giving in to excitement, they can leave real and not very small money. Either play only on promo codes, or spend real money, but in limited quantities.

The last disadvantage is that getting a good drop on these sites is very difficult, and sometimes even impossible. Remember about the scams and carefully read the reviews on each site. If you still decide to try your luck, the names of sites, promo codes and invitations are easy to find on thematic forums. This will help you get to the next level and find all those solutions, which will be fundamentally important and promising.

Skin exchange services is one of the most convenient and profitable options. Same, in fact, as the usual transactions, but it does not require much of your intervention. Everything is automated – perfect for sociopaths. If you are not satisfied with these ways, you can use Here you will have access to great resources and new opportunities. So start using these solutions, which will help you get perfect results.